Behind Collection Reflection Part 3

Behind Collection Reflection Part 3




The final part of the collection reflects the process of creating the idea, patterns, and sewing to finally have the photoshoot uploaded to our website ready for purchase. This is one of the first collections. I will give you the detail behind the scene for you to know how I create my designs.  Watch video here.

I created this video to give you an idea of my collection's creative process. I am thrilled with the collection outcome. When I have everything in my mind it is not the same as when I am in the physical world.

I like to focus on every detail; this is crucial to creating a collection. This combination of different sparkle fabrics mixed with tulle is fantastic. I love it.

I like to divide the collection into parts because every part takes a lot of time to create a video, and I don't want to make a long video. So in this part 3, I focus on creating the final design look. This outfit is called Brianna. Sometimes I don't have the name of the clothes until the end, or I can have them when I start. That can always change. I don't like to be too structured in deciding that thing. Sometimes I want to go with the flow.

This design is one of my favorites. It is very glamorous and sparkles for a prom outfit or glamour day with friends or a party. You can use it for different events in a comfortable and unique design.

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