Behind the Collection Reflection Part 1

Behind the Collection Reflection Part 1


Hello, my friend! I was thinking of creating a blog or storytelling of my collection a little about the process will be very good for you to see in this blog. I have a Youtube channel the name of this collection is the reflection.

I made this collection inspired by flowers. I'm working to give you an idea of how I create my collection work behind the scenes. The first part of creating a skirt the next part will be about the top part of this look. You can watch the video here Kelsia Hernandez Designer.

You will see about trends and how inspiration comes to life. Trends are very important are one of the most important parts of the collection process. When I start creating a collection I have to decide on every detail to have a successful outcome. I give you a description of my thought process and how I implement it together.

I follow the collection process but i let my mind run away and have a creative way of doing things that coming handing with my creative process.

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